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Adaptive vehicule / Kawasaki Teryx 4

Kawasaki Teryx 4

Kawasaki Teryx 4
Here at Defender Cab we are hard at work developing new products for this coming season! Our Teryx 4 is in prototype stages and will be on the market in no time!

Standard features
  • Doors Using factory doors for the base a built in inside latch has been added for easy opening.
  • Automotive laminated safety glass windshield assuring clear vision and scratch resistance.
  • Polycarbonate rear panel , designed for full visability
  • All steel and aluminum components are supplied with a durable, high quality powder coated finish.
  • Roof not included OEM plastic roof is needed to complete the full cab enclosure.
  • Visibilty Made for maximum visibilty at 42² feet.

Windshield & Back panel Kit

Full safety glass windshield and
polycarbonate back panel kit.

Windshield Kit

Full safety glass windshield kit.

Full Cab c/w Doors

Full Cab Enclosure OEM Roof required.

Manual wiper kit

This hand-operated wiper is made of
stainless steel and comes complete with
one 11" arm and one 14" blade. No need to
worry about drowning your battery. Easily
mounted using existing cab hole alignments.

Electric wiper kit "driver and or

-Marine grade 12VDC Motor
-Adjustable wiper arm
-2 speed switch
-Comes with everything you need to install

Windshield Washer Kit

Improve visibility with this electrical
windshield washer kit. Includes reservoir,
wiring, nozzles, tubing, mounting brackets
and instructions.
• 12VDC
• Push button dash switch

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